warsaw airport transfers

Taking a trip abroad requires some preparations, particularly in the field of conveyance, for example .

If you are changing to another airfield you have to be prepared.

How to get ready and what to have in mind?

Logn-distace taxi

Prices for taxi rides at first glance seem to be simply astronomical.
Price ? 120 for travel from Warsaw to Lodz for someone uses the public transport is the sum unacceptable, but it has its reasons. The price of long-distance taxi ride is not only the fuel cost travel, but also return taxi into town.
The price includes the depreciation charges (cost recovery and repair vehicles), the charge for the driver (his salary) and in the case of a larger amount of the company, which earns the company itself. The counting of these costs can be concluded that such a price is after all quite fair, and in return gain the convenience of travel and drive straight to the point.

Popular airports in Poland and your first day there

In Poland, there are some very popular among foreigners airports.
These include, among others, Warsaw Chopin Airport, the port Reymont in Lodz.
These ports handle most of directions and probably if you are going to visit Poland you'll land at one of them. After arrival you should take a taxi to get to place where you want to stay during your stay in Poland.
Of course, nothing stands in the way to start your tour from the first day, so you might want to ask the taxi driver about the nearest monument or a place worth visiting.

Longer and shorter routes

warsaw airport transfers It would seem that most taxis are cashing in on routes around the city, which is the classic scenario: we are shopping and we want to go home, and unfortunately public transport will not come for another hour.

What we do? We call for a taxi and in a few minutes we're going home.

What is interesting with such courses taxi drivers do not earn much, the majority goes to fixed costs and fuel. Intercity routes or airport transportation is the most profitable routes for the taxi driver and transport companies.
The more such routes during the month, the better for the driver.
Shorter routes is more filling and the way to the taxi does not stay for all day long..

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